A Iceland-based brief written for Platform 10 at the Royal College of Art , Design Products MA.
While experiencing the extreme Icelandic landscape with its geological properties and its subpolar oceanic, Bureau ODYSSEY reassesses the notion of risk and tourism in order to speculate on future wonders, parallel worlds, extrapolated tangents and cautionary tales.
Bureau ODYSSEY designs and performs various ‘promenades’ ranging from meeting with Ulysses and the Cyclops, to looking for moon dust and auroras through the lunettes of aluminium sharks
At the Bureau, we explore the extreme and thrill-propulsion.We perform series of attractions/experiences/activities to question the horizon and its limits.We test and assess the impossible and propose visions of new leisure activities.
Bureau ODYSSEY 2012 is:
Managing Director: James Cadogan
Conductor: Rafal Oliva
Director of Design: Kim Thorne
Director of Semi- Fictional Architecture: Nicholas Gardner
Director of Materials: Jungin Lee
Director of Communications: Diana Simpson Fernandez
Director of Experiences: Eirik Helgesen and James Shaw
Fashion Director: Imme Van Der Haak
Finance Manager: Ola Mirecka
A project written and directed by Nelly Ben Hayoun for Platform 10- a platform run at the Royal College of Art by Roberto Feo & Daniel Charny, assisted byStuart Bannocks, Design Product department.
A Icelandic adventure developed in collaboration with Make by Þorpið &Thorunn Arnadottir 
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