How many times have you thought to see a friend from the rump of the eye and then, when you focuses on him he results to be an unknown person? This is a process of hyper-reality. The memory notifies you of something known either by its shape, hair colour or combination of colours, the case is that the scope of your memory goes much farther than you'd go, turning the unknown into something familiar.
MEMOscope uses the discarded but full body functional, Polaroid Supercolor 600 Cameras to adapt a template of known silhouettes, in this case, from Barcelona's landscape, suggesting to you how to compose the desired picture to later have a subtle resemblance to the silhouette used, see Barcelona by Cobi , La Sagrada Familia or the Hotel W, shapes, for example.
This is a project developed into “DEMO, Exploring New Creative Processes” program in collaboration with DEMO ADI FAD, RepRapBcn, and Chandal Store
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