Product Placement is an exhibition curate by Mark Selby. Product Placement brings together a range of artists and product designers who share an interest in how objects are made, displayed and sold in contemporary culture. The exhibition explores the processes of production and marketing commodities, but on a wider scale, how (and by whom) participation in consumer activity is structured or framed. In my case I been working with Irene Alvarez visual artist with the particularity that we both where leaving in different countries, she was in Berlin and I was in Mallorca. 
Collaboration is a kind of a mach where a ball goes from one side to other engrossing, transforming and evolving an idea. What each party knows or want to share to the others is just mere data without relevance, because, always will be misunderstandings, or suggest over the details, having secrets or covering part of the knowledge in between both parties, what at the end will create an odd outcome.
We decided to use the idea of exquisite corpse as a system of collaboration through a blog where the blindness pushes our intuition into the same dialogue, creating this sequence of graphic information, were action generates a reaction post on the blog.
This is how we set up a system where we are part of it, due our similarities and interest it was logic to think about us as a part of the same thing, but how this system will work? Which are the parameters of it? Well there is no parameters a side of our own limitations; knowledge, intuitions, economic situation, sources and our on physical situation and be postable or writable, we just need to follow our own intuition and knowledge and create an answer or reaction from the step/post before, we let the system grow and hopefully explain what is about by itself, like in a metaphysic exquisite corpse, where an abstract idea is linked in somehow with the next step. The link in between ideas is sometimes that subtle, minimum and lowest, that the reaction shows more about personal issues than from the step before, but because we know a bit our interest we expect some kind of meta-understanding.
This system sometimes has give sharp reactions and other time disproportionate or incoherent, but this is a system that never has been ON until now, the system will fix itself.
The industrial era is full of those examples of not succeed systems or that they has been changed so many times to finally work, we live in a society that is created by thanks of those mistakes, is natural, the evolution is hold by the same system. It was easy to think that maybe what our system was generating was a collection of ready-made pieces, digital or analog no matter, the case is that maybe it is a system through which we create micro instructions that are showing realities on certain way. The all internet offer a super big selection of processes voyeurism, there is so many instructions, recipes, DIY, etc, that creates a rich and valuable main knowledge, A PRODUCT.

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